Here at Executive Tax and Accounting Services we provide the best accounting and tax service customized to your needs. We will work with you and your staff to get all issues resolved and file all returns with the correct taxing authorities. Our primary goal is to give you the personal attention you deserve.


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Individual / Personal Taxes

All tax forms required by the I.R.S. for Individual returns, Sole Proprietors, etc.
Corporate Taxes
All tax forms required by the I.R.S. for Corporate, Partnerships, and Estates.
Payroll Taxes
Form: 941 Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax return, Form: UCT-6 States QUARTERLY Tax return.

Book keeping

Bookkeeping Services

Review of General Ledger, as well as Journal, Entries covering: Assets, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, etc.
Financial Statements
Consist of a ‘Balance Sheet, a Profit and Loss Statement’ and a ‘Statement of Cash Flows’, usually prepared for owners, share holders or a banking institution.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Helping individuals plan their finances to achieve a stable future.
Bank Reconciliation
Matching the bank transactions with your company’s ledger

Additional Services

Notary Public

Notarize documents, draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in legal documents.
Computer Repairs
  • Network Administration
  • Backup
  • Data Recovery
Software Purchases / Evaluations
  • Software Training
  • QuickBooks Great Plains
  • EasyAct
  • Excel.

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